Instrument List

Instrument Manufacturer Description Range Classification
Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe (PCASP) - SPP200 PMS, Inc Particle Size Distribution 0.1 - 3.0 µm Facility
Forward Scatter Spectrometer Probe (FSSP) - SPP100 PMS, Inc Particle Size Distribution 0.5 - 47.0 µm Facility
Cloud, Aerosol, and Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS) DMT, Inc Particle and Drop Size Distribution 0.5 – 50 µm (scatter)
25-1600 µm
Cloud Imaging Probe (CIP-2D) DMT, Inc Cloud Particle Images 25-1600 µm Facility
Precipitation Imaging Probe (PIP-2D) DMT, Inc Cloud Particle Images 100 µm - 12.4 mm Facility
2D Stereo Imaging Probe SPEC, Inc Cloud Particle Images   Facility
Condensation Particle Counter (3010) TSI, Inc Particle concentration Dp > 0.01 µm Facility
Ultrafine Condensation Particle Counter (3025) TSI, Inc Particle concentration Dp > 0.003 µm Facility
Three-wavelength Integrating Nephelometer TSI, Inc Backscatter and 7-170 deg integral scatter   Facility
Three-wavelength Soot Photometer Radiance, Inc and University of Washington Differential filter transmissivity   Facility
Temperature Rosemount Total Temperature -50 to +50 C Facility
Dew Point Temperature EdgeTech Chilled Mirror device -50 to +50 C Facility
Barometric, Dynamic, and Radome-Angle Pressures Setra Barometric and differential transducers 600-1100 mb +/- 75 mb Facility
Wind Radome, flow angle probe TAS, Mean Wind, Slip- and Attack angles.   Facility
TANS Vector platform attitude Trimble, Inc GPS, Pitch, Roll, Heading   Facility
NovAtel GPS NovAtel, Inc GPS, Lat, Long, Alt, ground speed and track   Facility
C-MIGITS-III, GPS/INS Systron, Inc. Lat, Long, Alt, ground speed and track, pitch, roll, heading,   Facility
Heitronics KT 19.85 Pyrometer Heiman Sea surface temperature -5 to 45 oC adjustable Facility
PVM-100A Gerber Scientific, Inc Liquid Water Content of clouds   Facility
Cloud Condensation Nuclei counter (CCN) DMT,Inc 2 columns providing 2 supersaturation measurements simultaneously   Facility
Counterflow Virtual Impactor MISU/Caltech     Research
Cloud Radar ProSensing Inc. 95 Ghz, doppler   Research
Phased Doppler Cloud Spectrometer (CVI) Artium, Inc. Drop Size Distribution 2 < Dp < 200 µm Research
Aerosol Mass Spectrometer (AMS) Aerodyne Chemical composition of particles   Research
Particle In Liquid Sampler (PILS) Brechtel, Inc Chemical content of particles   Research
Twin Differential Mobility Analyzer Caltech Size distribution of dry and humidified aerosol 10-150 µm Research
Stabilized Radiometer Platform Sonoma Technologies, Inc Broadband and infrared radiation   Research
Turbulence, fluxes Univ. of California, Irvine     Research
Wind Lidar Coherent Technologies, Inc.     Research
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